A few years ago a couple of things happened to start my journey that has led me to create www.goodlifefamilies.com.  Our family was selected for a feature in the national magazine Real Simple (click here for article) for my creative and effective ways to make mornings easier for families.  And around that time I began looking for ideas and new ways to make the most of the dinner hour.  What started as my blog, www.familymealplanning.net, has spawned a group of projects related to my desire to help other moms strengthen and enhance their family relationships.

When I realized my projects were all centering on the family, Good Life Families brand was formed.  The Good Life Families website will serve as a resource for parents.  We will be offering up various “thinking” topics for families to promote conversation and self-exploration.  I have a nutritionist on board, along with a couple of other experts that will be contributing columns and events to the website.   You can find their information on the Contributor’s page.  The following projects are the first ones to be presented under the Good Life Families name:

1.    My e-book, Suzie’s Table:  A Smorgasbord of Ideas for Less Stress and More Fun at Dinnertime came out of the posts on my meal planning blog. It’s a resource for families to achieve what the title says.

2.      World Culture Kids:  www.worldculturekids.com is the project that I am most excited about!  It’s a family festival series that grew out of my desire for more fun meal times.  How much more fun can you get than an exciting cultural fiesta complete with food, language, facts, trivia, music, games and activities?!   The site features a different countries and includes all the information a family needs to create an enriching cultural celebration.

Did you notice the tag line for the site?   engage.discover.flourish. I’m aiming for the site to be a resource for people to grow and strengthen their families.  And to create their version of a ‘good life’.  Thank you for stopping by.  Please come back often as this is an ever-growing and evolving site!

To yours ~