Organize your Personal and Family Records



organize family records

 make this the year that you’ll organize your personal and family records! 

Our family has a long standing tradition of taking on projects that provide long lasting benefits throughout the year. One year, we decided to organize our personal records because they were scattered throughout our home…we knew they were ‘somewhere’, but didn’t quite know exactly where…sound familiar?

Be Something Bigger Than Yourself



The world our children live in today is very different from the world we lived in when we were young.  It has come with advances in technology that we could have never imagined possible.  It has brought a new, and fast, way of learning, and living, to kids’ lives.  With all the techno-gadgets kids have, it makes having human contact less necessary.  Kids can get answers to questions, information, and even have a conversation,  on their phones, iPads, and computers.  This means asking a question, gathering facts, and socialization in person is no longer required.  Solitary learning and data finding can be good for concentration, but technology dependence distances us more from others than in any other time in history and that has a direct impact on a child’s connection to others and community.

Ways to Inspire Your Child to Be Creative



The capacity to be creative is in every child.  Whether it is dance or playing an instrument or even the desire to color in coloring books every day, it is still creativity.  The best way to keep children creative is to allow them time to fill the need to find that part of herself/himself.  Set aside time each day for some artistic exercise. In addition to making time, make sure they have access to the implements to be artistically productive.  Helping children to realize a creative life is proven to aid in learning academics, keeping children focused, encouraging their desire to participate at school, and has been a successful as a way to keep kids from some the dangers in the teen years.

Fussy Eaters

Help, My Kid is a Fussy Eater!

Five Strategies to Avoid Food Wars

by Lisa Vance

The frustrated cries of parents with fussy eaters are very familiar to me.  While this may be reassuring for you in the “thank goodness I am not alone” kind of way,  I hope that comfort doesn’t leave you complacent and joining the ranks of the “given up” club.

It is useful to understand a few key factors around eating behaviour so that you know what your options are, exactly how you can influence your children, where you can take more ownership and control and where you might need to surrender some, and importantly, be able to identify who the real “baddies” or saboteurs are.

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