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Academic Anxiety On Children

We are half-way through the school year.  For little children, middle school aged children, high school kids, and last but not least, college kids, the Spring semester is a time of transition.  The college kids have their first quarters and semesters under their belts.  They get their first set of grades and you may or may not hear the results. If the first year of college is not turning out as you and your child envisioned, you are not alone. Moving from the academics of high school is not an easy move for some kids.  A student with high school academic struggles can bring them to college.  Even the high school’s academic champions can have problems.  If your student is a top drawer student in a high school of 1000, and goes to a college with thousands upon thousands of fellow geniuses, your child may land at the bottom of the totem pole.  A child might be getting low or failing grades. This will mean academic probation.  This can be devastating to parents and children.

The Ring Of Fire

Pacific Ring of FireThere is a place on Earth called The Ring of Fire.  The Ring of Fire is the horseshoe shaped 25,000 mile long stretch of coastline and adjacent islands. It is home to 452 volcanoes and is the center of most of the Earth’s seismic activity.  90% of the earthquakes our planet experiences happen in this region.  The edges of the Pacific Ocean and the ground beneath, as well as the countries attached, shake, rattle, and roll on a regular basis.  This can cause a natural phenomenon known as a tsunami.  A tsunami is the result of tectonic movement and causes the ocean to rise high and hit land with tremendous force.  

Underage Drinking


Underage drinkingThis may seem an old-fashioned notion – locking a liquor cabinet. You may think to yourself that your children are, “good kids!” Well, “good kids,” drink, too. These are serious and tough subjects to discuss, but they are critical in aiding your children to stay away from alcohol Help them to know, IF they do try it, they can call you for help, rather than put themselves in a dangerous situation, or remain in one. According to a report on the Centers for Disease Control website, more kids drink alcohol than smoke cigarettes or do illicit drugs. The statistics cover kids ranging in age from 12 to 20. They address the fact that some kids use it as an escape from problems at home or at school. Some use it as a means to fit in with a peer group. Some use it to quiet the pains of mental illness or depression. In some cases, it is used as weapon to control another’s actions. For example, getting boys and girls drunk so that someone, or several someones, can have their way with the incapacitated person. It affects grades in school, behavior at home, increases aggression, and wreaks havoc on the brain.

Cooking With Kids


The food networks on television are an  amazing phenomenon.  When you were young, (this is for the over 30 age group,) would you have imagined a time when there would be channels dedicated to cooking and baking?   The networks provide nearly twenty-four hours of food related entertainment.  There are an array of chefs and cooks from all walks of life, and representing many regions of the world.  They have food for the healthy food fans and the fans of all things fattening!

Organize your Personal and Family Records



organize family records

 make this the year that you’ll organize your personal and family records! 

Our family has a long standing tradition of taking on projects that provide long lasting benefits throughout the year. One year, we decided to organize our personal records because they were scattered throughout our home…we knew they were ‘somewhere’, but didn’t quite know exactly where…sound familiar?

Be Something Bigger Than Yourself



The world our children live in today is very different from the world we lived in when we were young.  It has come with advances in technology that we could have never imagined possible.  It has brought a new, and fast, way of learning, and living, to kids’ lives.  With all the techno-gadgets kids have, it makes having human contact less necessary.  Kids can get answers to questions, information, and even have a conversation,  on their phones, iPads, and computers.  This means asking a question, gathering facts, and socialization in person is no longer required.  Solitary learning and data finding can be good for concentration, but technology dependence distances us more from others than in any other time in history and that has a direct impact on a child’s connection to others and community.