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Keeping traditions alive in a world of newness is difficult.  Kids and families are busy.  Homework takes hours.  Families live towns, states, and even countries apart.  All these things make holding your traditions not just dear, but near, to your families’ lives and hearts.  Making the time to keep the traditions you learned as a child will have a positive impact on children.  Learning a family history, from one generation to the next, is told by these days.  Storytelling time and large family Sunday dinners have lost their place in recent time for some families.  It is never too late to bring those times back to your home and family. 

When you have a moment, sit down and write down some of your families’ traditions on an index card.  How you learned them and what they mean to you can be written on the back.  Try at least once a month to do a family tradition activity.   Take out some old outfits, photos, and items that have been handed down from previous generations.  It does take planning and work, but it is well worth the effort.  Keeping your kids connected to their families’ ways of life has positive academic and psychological affects.   Teaching your son or daughter to make a recipe you learned will surely be taught to your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

If you do not have family traditions set by previous generations, make your own.  Whatever the reason you do not have them, it is alright to create some of your own.  Chose a favorite recipe and write it down on a nice index card and start a recipe box with your child.  Go through cookbooks and magazines, finding their favorites and add to the box.  If you like books, start a scheduled reading time and begin collecting books with your child.  You can find them at library sales.  If you identify with a particular culture, find a museum nearby that honors your culture and take your child to investigate. Gather information and find things from those facts you can use to start making your own traditional times.  All these things are affordable and require just a little of your time.  Children with strong roots tend to have the strongest wings.


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