Halloween Safety For Kids

halloweenHalloween is right around the corner and kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement!  Keeping them safe is always a top priority for parents.  Use reflective tape on shoes and dark costumes, give your child a flashlight, and make sure your children have clear vision through their masks.


Halloween trick-o’-treaters should never trick-o’-treat alone.   Groups of children are safer.  A trusted adult is the safest policy.


Halloween sword, knife, and other types of accessories should be soft, short, and flexible.  Never allow children to take real weapons as part of their costume.  This is dangerous for the your child and his or her friends. 


If your child’s Halloween costume involves make-up, be sure to test it in a small area on his or her arm first, as recommended by the CDD, before applying to his or her face.  The test area will help identify any allergic reaction. 


For 364 days they wait, they plan, they count the days as Halloween draws closer…As a part of the planning, make sure to remind them to only use identified cross-walks when crossing any street. 


The CDC strongly recommends that you not allow your children to use colored contact lenses as part of a Halloween costume.  Contact lenses for cosmetic purposes are not meant for children.   


Halloween means a lot to children and keeping them calm and behaving in a safe manner is not always easy.  Make sure you tell them to remain on sidewalks at all times when trick-o’-treating.  Walking in the street is very dangerous, and a child in a dark costume will be virtually invisible to a driver. 


Teach children to never eat homemade items from strangers.  Never accept homemade treats from people you do not know.  Make sure they eat only factory wrapped foods items. 


It is the oldest piece of advice – NEVER accept rides from strangers.  Halloween is busy and crazy and a spinning wheel of fun.  Sometimes kids get lost in the moment and may even become lost in a group.  Send him or her with a cell phone and remind them about stranger danger.


Halloween is synonymous with sugar.   Too much is just too much.  Keep the candy eating to a minimum.  If you have to suffer for this by eating a few pieces yourself, well, that is the price you will have to pay as a parent!


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