Holiday Safety

Holiday safety for children does not stop when Halloween ends.  Christmas brings with it some challenges, from broken ornaments to choke-size candy.   When decorating, keep small children in mind.  Candles and lighters or matches should be out of the reach of small children.  Always put glass ornaments higher up on the tree and make sure they are secure.  Do not leave candy canes within reach of very small children as they can pose a choking hazard.  The rule is, if it fits in a toilet paper tube, it is a choking hazard.  This should be the guide you use when making decorating decisions.  Also, make sure your tree is secure in the stand, but small children should never be left unsupervised. 

Kids are forever and always asking for toys.  It is their job.  Making the right choice is a tough choice when there is begging and cuteness involved.  Choose toys that are age appropriate.  Toys are regulated very carefully and the decisions are made based on the ability of the age of the child and his or her understanding, physical compatibility with the design, and the size.

There are toys made of organic and all natural materials, as well as toys made from recycled products.   Not following the age specifications and the directions can lead to severe injury or even death.  This may seem extreme, but this past year in the United States alone, 11 children died in and nearly 250,000 were seen in emergency rooms for toy related injuries.  This is information from a report issued by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Riding toys were responsible for 7 of the 11 deaths.  Forty-four percent of the injuries seen at emergency rooms were to the head and face. 

Helmets are always recommended for any and all riding toys.  Choosing wisely and suiting the age of the child or children in question is the first step in preventing such incidents.


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