Jobs For Teens

Jobs For TeensA kid with a job is always the envy of other parents.  Having a job is a great way to start a respect for money and respect for themselves.  You may wonder how soon is too soon for your child to get a job.  There are different opinions and each child is different.  Some can handle the added pressure, some can not.  Some have the capacity to add to their study load, and some do not.  For some kids, it is really just not a choice.  They have to work, in some cases, even to help support their family.

After you have assessed whether or not your child can handle the pressure of a  job, you need to turn your attention to the safety of the job in question.  It is always ill-advised for children to work late night jobs.  Walking to his or her car alone at night is not safe.  It is not safe for a teen to work at job where they are in charge of cash in a place where robbery is a potential occurrence.  They should never have jobs near alcohol and never near weapons.  These all pose dangers to those underage, and in the case of alcohol and weapons, it is illegal for them to work in the presence of either product.

Younger children should never be left in charge of small children.  If your child wants to babysit, make sure he or she knows CPR and has the maturity level to be responsible for the safety and well-being of other children.  Babysitting is so common, but it does come with tremendous responsibility.  This is also the case for pet-sitting.  A child should never be left to the care of a pet it does not know.  Dogs especially can become aggressive if they become afraid, and an unknown person can create fear. These are some of the simpler jobs, but there are more concerns as the jobs become more complicated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2006 thirty youths under age eighteen died from work related injuries and around 52,000 work related injuries and serious illnesses were seen in emergency rooms.  These are rare cases, but a healthy caution is always wise.  Please read this article provided by Kids Health for more information and statistics.


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