Ways to Inspire Your Child to Be Creative



The capacity to be creative is in every child.  Whether it is dance or playing an instrument or even the desire to color in coloring books every day, it is still creativity.  The best way to keep children creative is to allow them time to fill the need to find that part of herself/himself.  Set aside time each day for some artistic exercise. In addition to making time, make sure they have access to the implements to be artistically productive.  Helping children to realize a creative life is proven to aid in learning academics, keeping children focused, encouraging their desire to participate at school, and has been a successful as a way to keep kids from some the dangers in the teen years.

When children are very young, provide them with tools which are age appropriate and  which do not pose a choking hazard. You may wonder how to afford a collection of creative tools for children that provide the inspiration for creative pursuits. Children can get bored easily and children’s products are more expensive now than any time in the past.  Discount department stores sell an amazing array of puzzles, books, musical instruments, and toys that inspire creativity.  They also carry environmentally- kind collections of toys and books, and art implements.  Take your child with you and see what piques his or her interest.  If finances are extremely tight, you can find some wonderful options at your local 99CENTS stores.  Pay careful attention to the labels, but if you look carefully for age restrictions and safety regulations, you can stock your creativity cabinets and baskets for less than $20.00.

If your child has the engineering bug, he or she may choose things to stack.  If he or she wants to conquer the world of rock’n’roll or become the next Bach, he or she may choose a set of mini drums.  As hard as it may be not to nudge your little one away from something noisy, or messy, please allow your child to choose.  Often creative gifts are inherent and even at the youngest age, children will feel the drive to toward their gifts.  As they age, the same theories apply, but the variety from which they choose will widen.  More types of toys, books, instruments, and art tools will become age appropriate.  If you are concerned about how much all these creative enterprises will cost, do not worry.  Local Parks and Recreation Departments have classes in all the arts and instruments, as will the YMCA, Junior Colleges, and even some private providers will charge minimal fees.  Finding a high school student as a teacher is a great way to save money on lessons.  Check your school, as well as some have very affordable programs on campus.  Another option, which is a wonderful way to meet your child’s needs to pursue the artistic field you have helped inspire, is to find a barter situation.  If you have a skill which may of use to a teacher or friend with an expertise in art, music, or dance, etc…ask if they would be interested in a trade of skills.


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